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Kali Ogle and Renee Gibbs, the owners and therapists behind Rebound Kids, believe that working with children requires a specific professional and clinical skill set. Kali and Renee developed Rebound Kids and our mobile team of highly experienced OTs and Physiotherapists to offer this specialised paediatric approach to clients and their families. 


Kali and Renee developed Rebound Kids and our mobile team of highly experienced OTs and Physiotherapists to offer this specialised paediatric approach to clients and their families across NSW, ACT and WA.     “We partner with you, your child, and their medical/ educational team every step of the way. We go on the journey with you, understanding your unique needs, and ensuring that your child accesses the right treatment, at the right time, to help them to achieve their goals. Each and every goal your child sets, works toward, and achieves along this journey builds skills and confidence to enable them to live their best life.”

Renee Gibbs

Occupational Therapist / Clinical Director

Renee is an experienced paediatric OT and case manager who is passionate about working with children to support development and recovery to enable them to achieve their best. Renee has clinical expertise in developmental paediatrics, brain injury rehab and has worked as a team member and case manager at the Sydney Children’s Hospital Rehab2Kids brain injury team. Renee has worked with Lifetime Care since 2014 as an approved Case Manager and is well connected to the paediatric brain injury rehabilitation units and paediatric clinician networks.

Personally, Renee is a mother of three, a surf lifesaver and a marathon runner. Renee is energetic, committed and will work alongside your child and your family to support you through the rehabilitation process, to advocate for you and your child and to help you to manage all the facets of life from learning at school, managing self-care, engaging with sports and everything in between. 

Kali Ogle

Occupational Therapist / Clinical Director

Kali is a strong OT with an extensive breadth of knowledge and clinical expertise in managing brain injury rehabilitation and complex mental health difficulties in children and teenagers. Kali is tenacious and supportive and will work closely to understand your needs, set goals and to ensure that your child/ youth progresses to their optimal level. 

Kali’s approach is holistic, family centred and empathetic while at the same time she is able to ‘push’ for change and ensure progress is being made. Kali has worked comprehensively in NDIS, CTP and Lifetime Care systems. Her connections and knowledge of health services and providers across Sydney and NSW is invaluable in creating effective treatment programs and community based teams of therapists that are an optimal ‘fit’ for your child. Kali has a particular interest in working with the 12-24 age group and has extensive expertise in supporting families and clients to navigate post school and early adulthood milestones. 

Kali is a mother of 2, loves K-Pop and in her spare time she volunteers as a surf lifesaver and nippers age group manager at Coogee Surf Club.


Practice Manager

Our practice manager, Charlotte, grew up in London and Noosa and has been a valued member of our team since 2019. We are lucky to have Charlotte to oversee the day-to-day operations of our practice. While she often finds herself busy with business tasks, she still makes time for chatting with our patients. In Charlotte’s free time she is passionate about travel, exploring Sydney restaurants and her dog, Pumpkin.

Deb Woodforde

Physiotherapist and Clinical Case Manager

Deb is passionate and enthusiastic physiotherapist and case manager. She has devoted her life to helping her clients achieve their potential by maximising function across many rehabilitation setting to include return work, spinal rehab and paediatric rehab and disability. In more recent years Deb has focused her energy into case management where she assists children and families navigate the new world they face following motor vehicle accidents. Deb brings her extensive clinical experience and health contacts to her professional practice offering her clients and the rehab team specific skills around spinal cord injury rehabilitation, chronic pain management and complex orthopaedic injuries and disabilities. 

Deb is happy to work with regional clients is able to travel freely to see them as required. Deb also has an expertise in disability sports inclusion and accepts physio referrals for consultation and treatment in this area. Deb has 3 grown up daughters and is a lover of cats, great food and travel.


Senior Allied Health Assistant

Lili is an allied health assistant who is passionate about facilitating individuals’ wellbeing and development. Lili is enthusiastic about working with children and young people to achieve their goals and promote self-determination. Lili has recently completed her Bachelor in Psychology (Hons) and Graduate Certificate in Autism Studies. In her free time, Lili enjoys going to karaoke, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

Kay 2

Kay Andutan

Occupational Therapist and Clinical Case Manager

Kay is a dedicated and energised neuro rehab occupational therapist and case manager with experience working in traumatic and acquired brain injury. She has over 6 years’ experience in the inpatient Brain injury unit working with complex diagnosis’ and challenging clinical needs. Over the years she has worked with different systems & has gained vast knowledge of guiding client goals, working collaboratively in a team & maintaining values which cater to the individual needs. With compassion and empathy, she provides a service which empowers her clients & their families, whilst working with their surroundings to build their confidence and engagement in meaningful daily activities & life milestones. Outside of work she enjoys the outdoors, travelling, trying new things and will find her at the gym or Pilates studio. Her friends and family are most valuable to her & will happily talk about dogs if you have the time.


Senior Allied Health Assistant

Eloise is an allied health assistant who is compassionate and dedicated to the support and care of children and young people. Eloise always strives to create an empathetic and nurturing environment and is passionate about the wellbeing of children so that they can flourish and reach their full potential.

Eloise is currently completing a Bachelor of Medical Science and plans to undertake a Master of Occupational Therapy. Beyond work, Eloise enjoys watching movies and TV shows, volunteering at the beach as a surf-lifesaver and spending time with family and friends.