Paediatric Rehabilitation Case Management

Rebound Kids is a specialised case management service assisting children and young people who have suffered traumatic injuries and need professional health support to recover and to navigate the rehabilitation process.
Our LTCS and ICWA approved case managers deliver ongoing support with the aim of every child progressing from hospital to home to school/ study, sports and beyond.
Our case managers are all senior registered allied health professionals.


Specialised Skills and Expertise

We believe that working with children requires a specific professional and clinical skill set. We are able to offer our clients support in the following;-

Child Development- In-depth understanding of childhood development and how traumatic injuries interrupt this continuum.

Family Centred- We ‘partner’ with the child’s family to establish a strong and lasting therapeutic rapport.

Diagnostics- We obtain a clear diagnosis for all injuries sustained to include TBI severity. We can then ensure an evidence-based approach i.e. the child accesses the right treatment at the right time.

Education- We ensure that the child is adequately funded and supported through the DET/ School pathways. We ensure that each child has an appropriate Individualised Learning Plan in place and in action.

Paediatric Treatment Providers- We have knowledge of experienced paediatric allied health clinicians across NSW and Sydney with whom we work with to offer evidence-based treatment programs locally for our paediatric clients.

Career Choices/ Transition- We support the youth in mapping out future study / work experience pathways and coach them throughout these years to ensure that they are able to secure employment.
Working With Children’s Checks for all providers involved.

Assessment Services

  • Initial Rehabilitation Assessment and ongoing case management for children and young people aged 0-24 years.
  • WeeFim & FIM assessment.
  • PCANS 2 & CANS Assessments and Care Needs Assessments.
  • ADL assessment.
  • Return-to-school/education management.
  • Parenting assessment.
  • Transitional adult medical case management for family members injured in the same accident.

Therapy Services

As passionate therapists we are able to offer OT and Physiotherapy assessment and therapy services for children funded under the insurance schemes. We work with children who have complex needs following an injury and where there are functional limitations or concerns are affecting performance. We use evidence-based therapy to help children learn to problem solve, adapt to and manage their injury and changed function. We offer therapy in the child’s natural environment – their home, school or the community. This ensures skills learned can be used when and where they are needed. We accept referrals across Sydney. Please call us to discuss your needs and any waiting times prior to referral Services Include;
  • Home based OT Assessments- Self-care/ ADL; Fine motor; Handwriting; Sensory; School Readiness;
  • School based OT Assessments- Handwriting observations; Executive and Cognitive Assessments (PRPP) – attention, recall, planning and performance; Sensory; Behavioural assessment
  • One -Off OT Assessments- Care Needs/ Independent/ Functional/ Sensory Processing
  • Physiotherapy Assessments- Gait Analysis; Gross Motor; Disability Sport Inclusion
  • Treatment Services- We offer evidence based, goal -directed intervention services in the child’s natural environment. This ensures skills learned can be used when and where they are needed. We regular review progress as against goals to ensure progress is being made
  • OT consultancy- Disability education, inclusion, access to the curriculum, development of Individualised Learning Plans and learning support approach