Occupational Therapy

At Rebound Kids, we use evidence-based assessments and a problem solving approach to identify the cause of difficulties. We partner with children and families to help children learn to adapt to and manage their difficulties. There is no ‘quick fix’, but we believe that each and every goal a child sets, works toward, and achieves, builds essential skills and confidence.

• We work with babies, children and youth between 0-18 years of age who are experiencing difficulty with their everyday tasks and roles following an injury or illness, or due to a congenital, neurological or developmental difference.
• We have a wealth of experience and work with babies, children and youth to support their engagement in life due to almost any cause.
• We offer evidence based, goal-directed assessment and intervention services in the child’s natural environment (home, school, community). This ensures skills learned ‘in therapy’, can be practiced and used when and where they are needed.
• We set person-centred therapy goals with each child and family. We regularly review progress as against these goals to ensure each client is making gains.
• Where appropriate, we partner with education, medical and other allied health professionals to develop a collaborative team around each child.
• Assessment/Therapy approaches include but are not limited to- COOP, PRPP, Clinical Observations, Learn To Play, SPM(P), Sense-ational Meal Times.
• We are registered and work with funding from CTP/ICWA, NDIS, LTCS, Private Health, Medicare, Private/ Family Funded

In NSW- We accept referrals in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

In WA- We accept referrals in Perth Western Metro

OT Services

  • Home based OT assessments and intervention – Screening and assessments of Self-care/ ADL; Fine motor; and Handwriting/ Drawing skills.
  • School based OT assessments and intervention – Handwriting observations; Executive and Cognitive Assessments (PRPP) – attention, recall, planning and performance; and Behavioural assessment.
  • NDIS – Assessment and Reports for NDIS plans.
  • Assessments – Care Needs/ Independent/ Functional/ Sensory Processing.
  • OT consultancy – Disability education, inclusion, access to the curriculum, development of Individualised Learning Plans and learning support approach.
  • Key worker – Clinical case coordination, referral and consultancy.